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Lake Village Estates

LVE Event Calendar

LVE Event Calendar

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LVE Testimonials

I love this place; it’s peaceful and has a great year-round climate. I really appreciate the clean air. It’s just a top notch community and a wonder place for active seniors.

Duane Sumner

 Lake Village Estates Resident


Lake Village Estates is a great place to live. Living in a gated community really makes me feel safe and secure.

We have such beautiful views throughout the entire year. I love it here, its home.

Beth Weaver

Lake Village Estates Resident


Senior living in Lake County

Lake Village Estates is owned by a family run California Corporation and offers the premier lifestyle for senior living in Lake County. Because the Corporation’s managing family members live onsite, the care for the community is done on a personal level.

Meet The Managers Of Our Retirement Community

Brother and Sister, Tony Paskaly and Dena Barron have been the managers of Lake Village Estates since 2000 when the family Corporation purchased the community.


About Our Active Adult Community In California

We work hard at making sure that we are a top rated active adult community in California. It takes a lot of planning and care but it is worth the time and energy. We are proud of our community and enjoy associating with the residents.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or if you need more information about our active senior community

Dena Barron is the general manager of the facility. She is responsible for all of the administrative aspects of overseeing the community including accounts receivable and payable.

Dena coordinates with all the residents and when they have questions and schedules  the events for the community.

Tony Paskaly is the maintenance operations manager. His responsibilities include

 the upkeep and care of the entire lake Village Estates facility.


Tony is a licensed general contractor so he either does the repairs and maintenance or he coordinates with other qualified companies to ensure Lake Village Estates is well maintained.