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LVE Testimonials

I love this place; it’s peaceful and has a great year-round climate. I really appreciate the clean air. It’s just a top notch community and a wonder place for active seniors.

Duane Sumner

 Lake Village Estates Resident


Lake Village Estates is a great place to live. Living in a gated community really makes me feel safe and secure.

We have such beautiful views throughout the entire year. I love it here, its home.

Beth Weaver

Lake Village Estates Resident




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Bask In The Beauty Of Lake County, California

Surrounded by natures beauty

If you asked a resident of Lake County when the best time of year is, the response is; “Any Time”. Year round you can enjoy a serene atmosphere that rests on a foundation of natural beauty.

For the past 15 years Lake County has had the best air quality in California. The residents enjoy the beautiful blue skies and become mesmerized as the skies transform into spectacular sunsets that introduce gorgeous moonlit evenings. The full moons are unbelievable, unbelievable that is, until you experience one. The beauty is astonishing.

Nature At Its Finest

Lake County is excessively abundant in areas that showcase wildlife, rock formations, vegetation and water amenities. From the picturesque and tranquil Cobb Mountain area through the many valley floors peppered throughout the County to the massive Clear Lake there is a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy.

What wonderment, hiking or biking over the many trails that have been designed by wildlife and weather over the centuries. From easy to difficult, each trail displays the natural beauty that has captivated residents and visitors for hundreds of years.

Enjoy the variety of wildlife

As you adventure throughout Lake County your attention is seized by the variety of wildlife. There are nearly 300 different kinds of bird species that live in the County. It is easy to see why Lake County is ranked first in California and eighth in the nation for its bird population.

The aquatic bird life is quite impressive and the starting lineup includes the Great Blue Heron, Great Egrets, the Double-crested Cormorant, Western and Clark’s grebes, Osprey and the American White Pelican. The call of the bald eagle can be heard as they soar high above the landscape searching for the next meal. They are joined by the red tailed hawks that are a common sighting.

There are several select wildlife viewing areas in the County but the most noteworthy is Anderson Marsh State Park. Anderson Marsh lies between Lower Lake and the city of Clearlake off of Hwy. 53.

There are multiple trails in Anderson Marsh that offer great hiking, and wildlife viewing. The hike can be rather long; almost three miles in and back, but is worth every step. As you navigate along the trails, the first thing that you notice is the solitude. It is so serene that the experience will remain etched in your memory for years to come.

Experience all that Lake County has to share

The biggest draw to Lake County is Clear Lake.  The lake is a massive 43,000 plus acres and is the largest freshwater lake wholly in California.

Lying in the shadows of Mt. Konocti the blue water lake is nestled in the middle of a hilly and tree landscaped setting. As you drive around the lake you soon realize that it will be a half days journey to enjoy the lake and its shore line.

It is quite easy to get waylaid with all the interesting natural attractions that make the area a place of treasures. You only have to drive to higher elevations to experience breathtaking panoramic views of the lake. One does not want to miss the opportunity to explore the lake’s shoreline from a boat and watch one of the world’s most beautiful sunsets as the sun sinks behind Mt. Konocti.

If you are one who is not willing to settle for the ordinary, but who enjoys a simpler lifestyle, then you will agree that Lake County is the destination you have been searching for.

The majestic beauty of Lake County truly makes the area an oasis in Northern California.

By AW Smires

Copyright 2010