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LVE Testimonials

I love this place; it’s peaceful and has a great year-round climate. I really appreciate the clean air. It’s just a top notch community and a wonder place for active seniors.

Duane Sumner

 Lake Village Estates Resident


Lake Village Estates is a great place to live. Living in a gated community really makes me feel safe and secure.

We have such beautiful views throughout the entire year. I love it here, its home.

Beth Weaver

Lake Village Estates Resident




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Enjoy Living In A Gated Community – Senior Gated Community

When you hear the words “gated community” the first thought that comes to mind is security. Feeling secure in our home is an important part of our life. When we drive into our driveway we know that we have reached our safe haven. Just knowing that there are security gates between us and other people, not part of our community, sets us at ease.

You don’t have to worry about vandalism, home invasions, petty theft or other similar spur of the moment crimes. This in itself is a huge benefit and enhances the reasons why we enjoying living in a gated community.

Gated Senior Community - Peace And Quiet

Living in a gated senior community means that you get to enjoy a slower pace of life. The peace and quiet is a huge benefit that most people do not get to experience. Knowing that as soon as you drive into your community, life’s hustle and bustle is left behind you.  You can nestle into your home for some solitude, work in your yard or garden, take a walk or just lean over your fence and chat with your neighbors.

Another benefit is that there is no thru- traffic, no noisy horns honking, and much less pollution. Gated communities have speed limits for safety and are strictly observed by the residents.

Why People Love A Gated Community

Residents enjoy their community for many reasons; the most important is that it is their community. They know everyone in their community and appreciate the fact that because they are close friends, it’s like a large family.

Because their community is private, they are able to take time with friends and really deepen the value of their friendship. There are opportunities for many social activities

If someone needs help, it is always readily available, whether it’s an emergency or they just need help moving a piece of furniture; someone is always available.

Vacations are more enjoyable because they know that when they leave, their home and belongings will be fine with the neighborhood watch all the neighbors do for each other. Also, the managers are there every day and if the residents let them know their plans, the managers will check their home periodically.

Gated Senior Mobile Home Park – Lake County, Ca

Lake Village Estates is the premier gated senior mobile home park in Lake County, Ca.

They are well known for the quality of life that their residents enjoy there. Because it is a gated community, they can offer additional amenities to the residents, that the typical senior mobile home park won’t.

The improvements that they do are based on the fact that only the residents and their guests will be allowed to use the community facilities. This keeps repairs and maintenance down and allows Lake Village Estates to add additional areas of enjoyment.

By AW Smires

Copyright 2011