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LVE Event Calendar

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LVE Testimonials

I love this place; it’s peaceful and has a great year-round climate. I really appreciate the clean air. It’s just a top notch community and a wonder place for active seniors.

Duane Sumner

 Lake Village Estates Resident


Lake Village Estates is a great place to live. Living in a gated community really makes me feel safe and secure.

We have such beautiful views throughout the entire year. I love it here, its home.

Beth Weaver

Lake Village Estates Resident


We try to keep a good selection of articles that are full of great information and tips available to our website visitors. We will continue to add articles about our active adult community, things to see and do in our local area for active seniors, and anything pertaining to having an enjoyable mature lifestyle.

Below you will discover some selected articles that you can read through and enjoy the useful information.

Bask In The Beauty Of Lake County, California

Enjoy why Lake County is a perfect choice for active adult living. It’s a simpler lifestyle that is easy to adjust to and very satisfying for active seniors.

Is This The Paradise You Have Been Searching For?

There are many retirement villages to choose from in Northern California.  This article brings out the benefits you will enjoy when you choose Lake Village Estates as your new home.

Enjoy Living In A Gated Community – Senior Gated Community

You will always feel safe and secure in this community. No outside traffic to contend with, as you leisurely walk with your friends enjoying the peace and safety of the gated community.

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