Emergency Evacuation Plan For Lake Village Estates

No one wants to think about natural disasters in our area, but we have to be prepared never the less.

When a disaster strikes, there may not be much time for you to react. The best defense is advanced planning.

Below you will find the Emergency Evacuation Plan for Lake Village Estates. Please read and be familiar with the instructions and evacuation routes for our community. It’s designed to keep all of us safe in emergencies.

An important thought we all must keep in mind is that after we exit Lake Village Estates it is vital that we follow the directions of emergency personnel. At times, we may find this hard to do if we are being directed away from where we want to go. We must remember that the directions are for everyone’s benefit, and we will remain safe by listening to those who are there to guide and help us.

The following link will take you to a PDF that you can view and /or download to your computer:

Emergency Evacuation Plan