Questions & Answers About Our Senior Community

Here are some of the questions that we are asked often about Lake Village Estates.

How much is the space rent and what does it include?

We are happy to say that we have some of the lowest space rent in Northern California. Currently, it is $378.00 a month. This includes the space and use of clubhouse/swimming pool. We are a gated community. Each resident household is responsible for their own utilities ie: elec, gas, garbage, water/sewer etc.

What is the size of your lot spaces?

Our lots are 50’wide by 75’length on the first section. Other sections are 51’ and 52’wide by 75’length. All sites have two section homes on them. No single sections.

Is it allowed to sublet a home?

No, we do not allow subletting. Our community is an owner occupied community. This builds a nice family oriented group of friends. Many of our residents have lived here for quite some time.

What does senior community mean?

A Senior community means 55 and older. If you’re married at least one of you has to be 55 years of age.

Do you offer assisted living?

No, currently we do not have assisted living. However, if you require a caregiver there are acceptances to State laws that allow you to do so- even if caregiver is not 55. (There are guidelines to follow-please check with Lake Village Estates manager for these)

Are pets allowed in Lake Village Estates?

Yes we allow 2 pets per household. Dogs must weigh 25lbs or less. All pets must not be a nuisance or harmful to the community. All pet owners must be responsible pet owners and abide by the written regulations of Lake Village Estates.

Do you have RV/Boat Storage?

We have a fenced storage area for RV/Boat storage exclusively for residents. It’s a minimal additional cost. It fills up fast so please check for available space right away if you’re in need.

Is Lake Village Estates managed by a property management company or is it a privately owned community?

Lake Village Estates is owned by a family established corporation. One of the family members, Dena Barron, is an on-site manager. Her primary residence is within the Lake Village Estates community. Another family member, Tony Paskaly is the maintenance operations manager and lives within 15 minutes of the community. This allows the managers to be part of the community on a daily basis.

What is the requirement to be approved to live at Lake Village Estates?

We have a very simple application to be filled out with a minimal deposit. Once the application is completed we send it to a tenant screening company and we usually get results within the week. It’s a smooth procedure with the Escrow companies involved regarding the purchase of your home.

Are there fees for use of the clubhouse for activities?

Use of the clubhouse is part of being a resident in the community and usually there are no fees. We encourage use of the clubhouse. Some of the uses for residents have been potlucks, card games, sports celebrations, weddings, family events, BBQ’s etc! The events are coordinated through the Lake Village Estates community manager, Dena Barron.

Do You Have More Questions?

We understand that often there are many more questions that people would like to have answered so we have allowed for that.

We encourage questions, and if you would like, please e-mail me at:

Or you can call me at 707-303-5785 and I will answer your questions.