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LVE Testimonials

I love this place; it’s peaceful and has a great year-round climate. I really appreciate the clean air. It’s just a top notch community and a wonder place for active seniors.

Duane Sumner

 Lake Village Estates Resident


Lake Village Estates is a great place to live. Living in a gated community really makes me feel safe and secure.

We have such beautiful views throughout the entire year. I love it here, its home.

Beth Weaver

Lake Village Estates Resident


The most important thing that you can do before buying a manufactured home is to make sure that it is right for you… You have found the best place to start.

Buying a new home is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. You may have purchased a home or homes in the past, but whether it’s your first home or your fifth home, you will want to make sure you are taken care of properly for a wonderful home buying experience.

It has become more and more evident that the manufactured home industry has come into its own as far as the high caliber of quality, affordability, construction time and the permit process and procedures. The mobile home industry has grown up.

One of the most important first steps to take in purchasing a new manufactured home is to make sure of the quality that is promised. What is behind the walls, materials used, construction process, the cabinets and fixtures, and the appliances.


When I decided to become a licensed manufactured home dealer I made up my mind to only offer the best homes available. That’s why I choose to offer SilverCrest Homes.

It’s All About You and Your Manufactured Home

It’s all about you, your lifestyle, your personality, your desires and needs for a new manufactured home. There are many options available, so please take your time to explore and look through our floor plans. I am available to answer all of your questions to help and personalize one for you.

Complete Services offered by LVE Manufactured Homes:

From the moment you contact me I go to work for you. I will help you understand clearly the  complete home buying process.  We actually become partners in your home selection and planning experience. This includes floorplan selection, upgrades, appliances explanation, and any available savings options. I’m a believer in good communication, so we will spend the time you require to feel confident in your new home purchase.


I will assist you as you procure your manufactured home financing. There are many options available to you and I will guide you through the process.

Land Acquisition:

I am not a licensed realtor but I will gladly help you find a qualified one that you will be comfortable working with. I do have recommendations of ones that will get the job done for you in the fashion you expect. These are highly professional Realtors that ensure your satisfaction.


You will need permits to install your new manufactured home on your land. I am knowledgeable in both the County and State permit requirements. I can also guide you to other needed professionals that you may need service from such as engineers and draftsman for your plans.


I coordinate with the manufacturer as your home is being built, for periodic updates, and when your home leaves the manufacturing plant, on its way to your home site. I will make sure that the installer is there waiting for your home when it arrives.


I recommend only highly qualified installers that are licensed general contractors, fully insured and bonded that are proficient in complete project management. I personally keep in contact with them throughout the installation process and visit your home as it is being completed on site.


Your home is not finished until you are satisfied and give your approval. I will do a walk through with you and together we will make sure that you have received the home that you expected. I will personally hand you the keys and welcome you into your new home.

Service Beyond The Purchase:

As a manufactured mobile home dealer in northern California the most important aspect of manufactured home sales is providing superior service that you can count on.

My guaranteed service continues on after the completion of your home. I back up the guarantee you received from me with action. If you have any issues or problems that arise, I work hard to coordinate with the manufacturer and installer to help you resolve your problems. Even after your warranties expire I am available to offer further guidance.

Dena Barron

LVE Manufactured Homes – A Smart Choice For Your New Home